Speedfusion requirements

Hi there,

Ive read the Speedfusion knowhow but i still got some doubts. Ive got a Max700 and Id like to use the Speedfusion tech for my corporate data upload, we work with 3G/4G sources and wed like to have a secure method to upload our files. To use this tech do I need a Balance in the headquarter ? We usually have the MAX700 on a mobile unit.



You will need another SpeedFusion capable device to connect it to or we have FusionHub which is our software version that can be deployed on a virtual instance including Amazons cloud as well.

Is there any gain of speed ? After installed on the headquarter i just need to connect my server on it ?

After you have a SpeedFusion tunnel established you will be able to aggregate your WAN connections into one pipe as well as taking advantage of session persistence.