Speedfusion Question

Hi All

I have a question on SpeedFusion, if you have two wan links boned with SpeedFusion and one of the links service degrades and starts dropping packets , does the devices a way to start using that one link less because it is dropping packets at this stage or would the best solution be to take it out of the vpn bonding until it is fixed ?

Also my 380 units are running the 5.4.7 firmware and on the SpeedFusion graph on the status screen it is showing allot of drops , what does these drops represent , is it total packet drops or something else, because there are allot more drops on the graph that what a direct icmp test shows on the same link.

I would like to know about this as well.

I see there is another thread in feature request discussing this functionality.

SpeedFusion handles packet loss in a couple of different ways:

  1. If packet loss is too high on a WAN link, SpeedFusion will fail its health test and it will not be used for SpeedFusion until the WAN link passes its health test again.

  2. If the packet loss is low enough to pass the health test, the WAN link will continue to get used. If packets are lost in transit, they will be re-sent using a different WAN link if available - or the same link if not.

The effect of packet loss is reduced throughput, as traffic has to be re-sent. It can also mean reduced bandwidth if a WAN link cannot be used for SpeedFusion. There can also be increased latency across the VPN link, as the other end SpeedFusion device will have to wait for packets to be re-sent in order to reconstruct the data stream in the correct order.

The packet loss you are seeing on the SpeedFusion graph is a reporting issue. Engineering is aware of this and they are working on it.