Speedfusion QOS

Hi All

I have a Peplink 380 centrally with multiple peplinks connecting to it via multiple links using speedfusion.
My question is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to specify a speed limit on per speed fusion tunnel so that qos rules could apply.

I applied qos rules on the central unit for all outbound traffic towards the other units but the qos does not seem to take affect and I was wondering if that may be because the wan link is a gigabit ethernet link but the speedfusion tunnel can only do 4 mbit/s and I was hoping there is a way to tell the central unit about the speed limit on that speedfusion tunnel is and to apply a qos policy to that tunnel only.


The SpeedFusion VPN interface consists of all WAN links included in a SpeedFusion profile. The speed limit is specified in the upload bandwidth setting for each individual WAN connection. There is not a way to specify a speed limit per SpeedFusion VPN with the current firmware.

Although the Balance 380 has a router throughput rating of 200 Mbps, its SpeedFusion throughput rating is 60 Mbps and you have a very fast WAN link. You do have the ability to set this WAN link to a lower priority setting within a SpeedFusion profile so it will only be used if needed. Be sure you are on the current firmware to get the best performance results.

Thanks Ron

But now any reason why the qos is not making traffic on port 897 more of a priority than traffic on 8094 because 8094 just uses all capacity but 897 wont connect anymore but it is specified as high priority,and 8094 as low priority.

Any suggestions ?

It sounds like you have correctly configured custom QOS rules for this. Please confirm you are running 5.4.9 build 2573 firmware on your Balance 380.