Speedfusion problem status


i have two peplink 380 and 310 the 380 use for HQ and the 310 for remote office when i check in speedfusion status in 310 latency lower than 380 it must be same 40ms because the pinging both side average of 40ms+ but this 380 showing 244ms


Ping RTT and speedfusion RTT are measure/running using different protocols or traffics type, hence we can’t conclude the issue by just comparing the ping RTT.

Please open a support ticket here for support team to check.

hello sir

thanks for your response take a look this picture attach


Do you open a support ticket as requested ? We need to investigate from the devices in-order to advice you why the latency is different.


im trying to fillup the ticket but dont know the point of purchase because
the company i working who buy the equiptment can you help me to raise the
ticket instead the two devices attached with serial


I have sent you a email (Forum registered email address) regarding to the above request.

Beside that, i have removed the serial number screenshots provided as you should not share the private device info in the public post.

thanks man this is great support