SpeedFusion per packet or per session?

Does SpeedFusion operate on a packet level or per session level?

Essentially what I’m considering doing is running another tunnel over the top of a SpeedFusion/Peplink VPN to transport IPv6 traffic over an IPv4 transport seeing as currently it looks like SpeedFusion is IPv4 only.

I’m wondering if SpeedFusion will still be able to balance this traffic across the physical WANs since as all the traffic would look like it’s coming from the VPN endpoints.

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Its packet level when using Speedfusion bonding.

That’s fine. Lost or people run other VPNs over Bonded Speedfusion VPN tunnels.

Yes it will.

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So It looks like a case of buy a Peplink device with A SpeedFusion license enabled and enough wan interfaces of the type I need and then run a FusionHub Solo somewhere with enough bandwidth to aggregate the connections.

Yes. other gating factor is how much VPN throughput the device supports. When you look at the comparison tables you’ll see router throughput and further down the vpn throughput (with and without encryption).

The product page claims 100Mbit unencrypted, 60Mbit encrypted on the 20x - https://www.peplink.com/products/balance-20x/ I’ve seen 120Mbit/s no encryption/ 55Mbit encryption quoted elsewhere.

My WANS seem to sync between 28-32Mbit on the downstream and 4-7Mbit on the upstream depending on what mood the dynamic line management platform is in on a given day (It seems to love messing with the settings, hence why my latency keeps changing).

Getting a 3rd one isn’t really an option either, so unless I get good 5G or FTTP I can’t see the 100Mbit being a problem. (With FTTP I probably wouldn’t bother using speedfusion)