Speedfusion/PepVPN Tunnel access

Good day!

We have a up and running Speedfusion tunnel between a Balance 580 (HQ) and Balance 380 (remote site) but for some reason we are now unable to ping or access devices from the remote site back to HQ. We are however able to access the Balance 380 and devices in the remote site from HQ. I am not sure what happened and it might be also affecting our ability to connect to our L2TP Ipsec VPN for our smart devices being used outside both sites.

It sounds like the HQ network is not accessible after it was working for some time, am I right? You might want to consider to contact your point of purchase (or Peplink Certified Partner near you) to assist you.

Or, if the suggested option is not viable, you can submit a support ticket for our team to take a closer look at the units.

The SpeedFusion and L2TP IPsec services are independent of each other.

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I will go ahead and try to submit a support ticket though this one is used in live production 24/7 so Iā€™m a bit concerned about tinkering things while in use.