SpeedFusion over Public and Private Links

Is SpeedFusion possible over Public Internet and private MPLS simultaneously ?

what are the pros and cons ?

Thanks - Hootan

Hi Hootan,

In my experience with MPLS and public lines using SpeedFusion simultaneously, we have had good results. I would think results will vary depending on the latency difference between lines etc. so always good to look into that.

with the deployments I have helped with we have enabled the expert mode on the outbound policy and created a rule above the speedfusion vpn that sent most business critical traffic such as voip etc. over the MPLS link as first priority and the second priority was the VPN - this should also allow for seamless failover, but will make sure the MPLS is being utilized for critical traffic and not non-critical traffic.

Hope this may help spark some ideas on your end as well. Thoughts anyone ?


Dear Taylor ,

Thanks for your reply and good information provided.
I’m happy that you have had a good experience with this scenario. In fact the strategy you deployed is very intelligent.
Sure we will consider Expert mode in our deployments also. always we can find good things in “Question Marks” in the Peplink console :wink:

BR - Hootan