SpeedFusion - Odd traffic display in graphs.

Whilst debugging another issue this morning I noticed the following - a device which does not have WAN Smoothing configured is claiming to be using it - at least according to the detailed graphs for the SF profile, although I am not honestly sure it really is or if this is just some rendering problem.

Config is pretty basic, 20X connected to a FH, profile is configured for DWB but as you can see there is no smoothing / fec enabled yet the graphs show a pretty consistent low rate of packets being sent for WAN smoothing.

All devices on 8.1.3, the hub is hosted in our DC on a VMWare platform.

20X SF Config:

FH SF Config:

Detailed graphs from 20X:

Detailed graphs from FH:

Traffic per WAN from 20X:

As you can see though most of the traffic is via one WAN, as expected with DWB in this use case, if smoothing was really in operation I’d expect see more traffic across the other links due to the redundant packets being sent / received.

So, is this a side effect of DWB and I’ve just not noticed it before, or is this a reporting bug or some other thing? :slight_smile:

I noticed the green triangle (inverted) indicating WAN smoothing even though I don’t have WAN smoothing enabled at Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

@WillJones, can you help to open a ticket for us to take a closer look?

TK, ticket created #22010106 as requested.

Ahh, I knew I’d seen this somewhere else before but forgot about your post, TK it may be worth seeing if there is a common factor between the above post and what I am also seeing.

@WillJones, I believe our technical support replied to you in the ticket. It is the behavior of using Dynamic Weighted Bonding. it is for TCP ACK optimization. You will be allowed to disable the TCP ACK optimization in 8.2.0.


Thanks TK :slight_smile:

Makes sense, I look forward to seeing the enhancements to DWB in 8.2 as we use it a lot in our deployments so any way to further tune it will be good.

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Hi @willjones, actually those redundant packets generated is part of the Dynamic Weighted Bonding algorithm which you have selected to use. Since this algo in your firmware version is a hidden feature so it doesn’t come with a complete UI options to configure.

If you get a chance please check out the latest 8.2.0 beta 1:

In the new beta the algo DWB is no longer hidden and some handy options are available to control it’s behavior:

Back to the topic, those redundant packets can be avoided by “Disable TCP ACK Optimization”, but my suggestion is if you didn’t see any negative side effect you can leave the default settings untouched, and that should work better in most cases.