Speedfusion MTU 1600 for SRM VMWare


I have a case, the user wants to connect 2 vmware SRM in a different location using speedfusion
vmware requires MTU1600byte
can speedfusion and lan connections provide 1600 MTU
can peplink overcome this scenario
maybe someone here found the same case?


Hi Rizal_AI_Deny,
The Peplink device supports a maximum of 1518 when it comes to Speedfusion with actual performance varying based on network environment. I have pasted a link to the Balance specifications below which goes over this a little bit. Additionally if you’d like to make a feature request for 1600 support to be added I have pasted a link to this part of the forum.


Thank you


Hi, This is a valid setup assuming you have all the prerequisites in place:

  • You need a combination of WANs that support Jumbo frames and have a combined MTU of 1680 or greater. You can read more on the WAN MTU combination specifics in this response from our Engineer, Kenny.

  • You need support for Jumbo frames and MTU larger than 1680 on all of your WAN side devices as well

Based on your diagram, it appears as though you have these items in place. If so, SpeedFusion will allow the 1600byte packets to be encapsulated with the addition of SpeedFusions 80 byte overhead.


Thanks for your explanation Travis,
I had configure WAN interface 1600MTU in BPL580, so bassicaly speedfusion MTU based on MTU in WAN interface?

i have check BPL 380 do not support larger than 1500MTU WAN interface, so BPL380 do not support 1600MTU and BPL 580 can support 1600MTU?


@Rizal_Al_Deny, I suspect the Balance 580 is running a newer firmware while the Balance 380 is on older firmware. Can you try to load the same or latest firmware into the Balance 380 to verify the settings availability?


My BPL380 is HW rev 5 now only available fw 6.3.4 that can’t support 1600MTU


@Rizal_Al_Deny, MTU larger than 1500 is supported in 7.1.1 and above. You may need to consider to upgrade the hardware.


Hi TK i had BPL310 with latest fw 7.1.2 but can’t set MTU larger than 1500byte



@Rizal_Al_Deny, please use Balance 305 and above. Ensure it has the latest hardware and firmware version.

Latest hardware version for Balance 305 and above:
Balance 305 Hw2
Balance 380 Hw6
Balance 580 Hw3
Balance 710 Hw3
Balance 1350 Hw2
Balance 2500 Hw1

Hope this help.


thanks TK liew