SpeedFusion Mode missing lowest latency mode

When config SpeedFusion via local GUI I can set SpeedFusion mode Distribution by “lowest latency”. But have no this option while config via IC2.
Please add this feature on IC2
Thank you.

Chung Vu.

The purpose want traffic over SpeedFusion VPN alway select lowest latency link and due to we have many sites then manual config on GUI is not good.

HAve you submitted a ticket to peplink support?

Yes I did.

Hi Chung,

The “Lowest Latency” option is not currently available in IC2, as it’s not meant for general usage.

It’s only available in the UI because you enabled the option from the support.cgi page of the firmware, which is generally for debugging and troubleshooting options.

If you’re using unmetered connections, a similar low-latency effect is available if you turn on wan smoothing. This will incur a larger data overhead than the unavailable “lowest latency” option, but is thoroughly tested for production deployments.

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