SpeedFusion "Link Failure Detected" on Link That is Up

We have a cable connection and a DSL PPPoE connection to our Balance 210 connecting to a FusionHub at AWS with SpeedFusion. The cable link is fine, the DSL link starts fine but will randomly will drop from SpeedFusion with “Not available - link failure detected” even though the link is up and running. I can ping both devices from FusionHub, and I can ping FusionHub from both devices. Only a reboot of the Balance seems to fix this, but after the few hours the DSL link will again drop from SpeedFusion. I don’t think it’s firewall since everything works fine for a few hours at least.

Found that you had opened a ticket for the issue, we will followup with you using support ticket (777838).

Please provide the following info for the support ticket and we will investigate from there:

  1. Diagnostic report when you found the issue.
  2. Peplink remote assistance service
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