Speedfusion & InControl & Registered to another Organisation. This organisation is Me!

We purchased a new HD2-MBX-5G last year, I created a Peplink ID and then subscribed to the SpeedFusion Cloud Plan B for $20. This gave us 500GB SpeedFusion Cloud Traffic speeds of up to 200 Mbps and was valid for 180 days. I added 3 locations and all was well. We only used the device for 2 months and then switched it off.

Roll on to now. We subscribed to a new SIM card plan through one of our suppliers and immediately started using the HD2 again without issue. However I then wanted to add the same SpeedFusion package above as before because again we are only going to be using it for a short time. It’s actually a backup WAN connection for use in coastal waters.

So when you login to your account and try to add a new SpeedFusion plan it now takes you over to the “InControl” page of the website where it asks you to create an Organisation and then a group. I used all the same information that I used to create my Peplink.com account, but when it comes to registering my device it says its already registered to another organisation??? Confused!!

When I login to my Peplink|Pepwave Customer Portal it shows all my device information, and all previous orders which includes last year’s SpeedFusion Plan B subscription.

Can somebody please tell me how to sort this out? Its incredibly frustrating and a massive waste of time. I know I own the HD2, it was registered properly last year but now InControl is out of bloody control!! I’ve submitted a Support Ticket but thought I’d ask the question here too.

Thanks in advance.

Do you maybe have two incontrol2 accounts, one with a google id and one with a peplink id?

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for you your suggestion.

I had another look at this and indeed I had created another account with a different email address. With this email address I was able to purchase a licence key for Speedfusion by just entering the serial number in the box below “Check Quota” as attached (this is just to show you how I purchased it). I was unable to do this yesterday with the account linked to my Gmail address which is the one I used a year ago to purchase the licence key!! The account connected to my Gmail email address IS the account that my device is registered too.

So now I have a new license key but no way to apply it to my HD2. I’ve saved it as a text file but cannot upload it directly into the device.

I have to go through InControl and regardless of which account I use to login it states that this device is registered to another organisation.

So once again I’m stuck.

Any suggestions hugely appreciated since I’ve head nothing from Technical Support


I finally managed to find a way to add the key manually into the HD2 so at least that part is functioning.

It would be nice to know how to register my device with the original email address into InControl2 though.

Login to your account that you first registered it to in incontrol.
Invite the second account to that group or org.
remove it from that org and add it under the second account.