SpeedFusion in Home Office

Is it possible to have two appliances necessary for speedfusion in the same home office? Namely I’d like bandwidth bonding but I do not have a remote office to connect to, Rather I have 4 10mbps DSL+ connections that I would like to bond. I currently using a Peplink 50 but would like to have the advantages of speedfusion.

Bandwidth bonding with SpeedFusion is a site-to-site VPN technology available on the Balance 210 and higher routers.

We do have a virtual appliance that you could deploy at a datacenter or on the AWS cloud called FusionHub, more details here:

Another option you could look at is that we have a partner that offers the bonding as a service which means they handle the other side of the SpeedFusion tunnel using our products. It is called Simply Bonding: http://simplybonding.com/


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