SpeedFusion Hub on IBM Cloud

Good afternoon-

I was wondering if anyone has successfully installed an instance of SpeedFusion Hub on IBM Cloud. I have some other services I use hosted there, so hoping to be able to bond my BPL-305 to an instance of SpeedFusion Hub Solo. I was trying to find out what flavor of Linux is on the VHD file, as I believe IBM has some limitations there. Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.


Hi, I am in a similar situation. Do you have any update on this?

I just went to do this quickly thinking I’d film it and share. I picked the same type of shared virtual private server I use on vultr.com 1cpu a little ram then 1Gbps connection with 1TB of data: $13.93 - is twice the price of vultr… oh wait. then there is the network cost - PER MONTH! Nope.


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Right! Vultr charges us US$5.05/month total cost for each Solo instance.

If you check out nfoservers their 2-core VDS will crush the Vultr offering with FusionHub. Particularly if you need more than 1TB of data a month, or 500+mbps pepvpn throughput.

Just needs a little bit of linux knowhow to sideload the raw FusionHub into a VDS.

Thanks for the heads up.
Looks like a good fit for individuals (in the US). Not sure how comfortable I’d be running commercial services on there though (No obvious API, no terraform support).

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