Speedfusion Hub and Spoke with 2 hubs

I have read the documentation on mesh and hub and spoke. Can hub and spoke be setup with 2 hubs?

I have a 12 sites. Two of those sites are datacenters with 580s the other 10 are just offices with 310s. Can I configure speedfusion with each of the 10 offices having 2 VPNs one to datacenter1 and one to datacenter2. And a VPN between the 2 datacenters.

Will this cause a routing loop? I read that speedfusion learns routes when it connects. But all the examples of a hub and spoke are with one hub. Will two hubs work even if they are connected together?



Hi Troy.

You can definately use both Peplink Balance 580’s as hubs, and connect the Balance 310’s to both of them.

I have configured a VPN with 6 Balance 380’s (all connecting to one another) and 6 Balance 310’s that connect to 2 of the Balance 380’s (head office and disaster recovery site) and everything works great.

If a branch Balance was configured by mistake to advertise a subnet that is configured on another branch network, and both branch Balance routers were connected to the same hub, would this create a routing problem?


Yes this would cause routing confusion if the two remote sites were connected to the same hub via SpeedFusion and were not on unique subnets. VPN works essentially to connect different networks together.