SpeedFusion/FusionHub Per Peer Bandwidth

In order to better offer ‘speedfusion as a service’ through hardware or via FusionHub, I’d like to see additional bandwidth tools in place, visible through InControl 2, with an API to pull the data from IC2.

There should be additional tracking that shows how much data transfer happened between the remote peer and the FusionHub, with hourly, daily, monthly stats. This way instead of just seeing a total for all peers, we can see how much each peer used in a month and bill accordingly. ex under Bandwidth Reports on IC2, I should be able to select Monthly, select a month, and if there were 5 peers, see how much each peer used along with a total.

This should also work for the Amazon image of FusionHub. Seeing this on all Balance/Max devices would be nice as well to identify where data usage is coming from.

Thanks! :grinning: