SpeedFusion™ for live Drone recording


  • A leader in end-to-end audio and visual solutions.
  • Provide various services from mobile production units to centralized master control.
  • Deal with mobile and fixed environments.


  • Find an alternative to high cost satellite connections for their mobile broadcast centers.
  • Many projects feature drones for recording/streaming, so zero drop off is needed.
  • High throughput is required for the mobile broadcast centers in order to provide live, undelayed streams.
  • Current setup consists of 5 mobile data centers and 100 recording drones.


  • In order to provide live consistent streams, an EPX will be deployed at the mobile data centers.
  • With optional expandable modules, this device is truly one of the highest performing SD-WAN platforms available. By combining this selected setup, 15 LTE-A connections can be combined (EPX-M8-LW5C1F1) to exceed the 1Gbps throughput requirement.
  • This device is also ready to be upgraded to 5G if it is needed in the near future.
  • The drones will use a MAX Transit Duo.
  • Featuring a metal rugged enclosure and certifications, this will be able to handle even the harshest of conditions.
  • The MAX Transit Duo also has two embedded cellular modems, meaning connectivity will be consistent and secure. That means, should one LTE connection fail, the router can switch to another (or combine both) to keep you connected at all times.
  • By using a PrimeCare model, the SpeedFusion license will be included giving useful features such as InControl 2, which is Peplink’s Cloud Based SD-WAN network management platform.

Devices deployed