Speedfusion fallback

I would really like to see an Outbound Policy option that would allow bonded connections (through VPN like Fusionhub hosted at Vultr, etc.) to fallback to an individual WAN in the event that traffic is blocked (due to VPN). For example, if Netflix can’t stream due to your VPN, have the outbound policy fallthrough to non-VPN WAN connection.

The problem is that Netflix doesn’t signal that it doesn’t like your VPN via a network error… it transmits a valid HTTPS response of “No, I don’t like your IP address” hidden in a secure session that can’t be inspected by Peplink.

For network failure issues you can use priority, and put the SFtunnel 1st and the 2 WAN links 2nd and 3rd. but you can’t do internal to the protocol responses.

But to break out netflix, you can either try some domain rules.

WAN: Starlink… Any netflix.com
WAN: Starlink… Any nflxvideo.net
WAN: Starlink… Any nflximg.net
WAN: Starlink… Any nflxext.com

But to be sure, I just put the IP of the AppleTV and LG TV into an IP source rule and force them down the fast WAN. Streaming services can take the short outage.