Speedfusion Down Only = no latency graph

I notice when I set speedfusion to assymetrical Down-Only for the Starlink WAN, there is then no latency graphed (0ms always) on the speedfusion status page for that WAN. Is this normal? When set to Up-Down then the latency graph appears.

I don’t see the reported issue from my devices.

May I know which model and firmware version you are using now?

Balance 210 with 8.2.0

I tried toggling from Down Only to Up/Down at which point latency started graphing again, and then back to Down Only where it stopped graphing latency for that WAN. The WAN is behind another router’s NAT for what it’s worth.

Will update everything to 8.2.1 in the next week or two and report back if it is still happening with 8.2.1.