Speedfusion disconnects

I’m trying to figure out why our speedfusion tunnel keeps dropping. it seems to be stable for a couple days and then disconnects (and never re-connects again). I don’t see any cellular loss or any indication as to why it disconnects. The Max BR1 and fusion hub are available during the outage so as best as I can tell its not a network issue. I can connect to the remote Max BR1 via incontrol and its online, and the public fusion hub address responds to ping (no change in firewall rules).I have to reboot the Max BR1 to get it to reconnect, which it then does for a few days and then again disconnects.

disconnected from conn_to_FUSIONHUB (link failure detected)

Fusionhub and MaxBr1 MK2 are both running 8.0.2 build 1480

Any ideas?

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Where in the world are you? What mobile network is it? Sounds like your ISP could be is screwing with it.

I would get diagnostic reports from both appliances and submit a ticket for engineering to review.

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I’m located in Kansas USA, Using Verizon Wireless with Static SIM (Unlimited service on Gov plan). I’m swapping a replacement BR1 MK2 in today to see if this is a hardware issue, i’ll grab diag reports and submit them if the problem persists. My next fun issue is i swapped in the replacement BR1 MK2 and now its not showing as a selectable endpoint in the speedfusion endpoint list.