SpeedFusion cross network


Good day guys,

Maybe someone can lend a hand.

We have about a dozen peplink balance 20’s connected back to a 580 at the office over speedfusion.

It’s been setup this way for quite some time.

I’ve noticed over the last week that two of the Balance 20’s are not able to connect back to a spcific network.

Let’s say keeping it simple
Balance 580 -
Balance 20 A -
Balance 20 B -
Balance 20 C -

All balance 20’s connect back to the 580

Balance A can ping to B and C fine
But B and C can NOT ping A

Now all other Balance 20’s on the network they can ping these back and forth fine including each other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Out network is pretty standard not a whole lot of outbound/inbound and or firewall rules.


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Hi. Interesting issue. Two questions:

  1. Are there any Internal Firewall rules in use?
  2. On each of the “problem” routers, what do you see on the screen Status -> OSPF & RIPv2? Do you see all subnets listed under the column “Remote Networks?”


Thanks for lending a hand thats why this gets me.

  1. No Internet Firewall rules are in use.
  2. This is whats strange subnets on both sides are showing

To be more specific. can not connect to
But can connect to

Any help is appreciated… this has gotten me stumped

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OK. Let’s invite some more assistance here. I’ve never run into that issue.


Thanks @Rick-DC

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Hi, how are you testing this? Are you using the ping tool in the web interface of the Balance Routers? Or are you pinging from devices on the LAN of the balance routers?


Were testing running ping through terminal

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I assume not the balance CLI but a terminal on a LAN side device?

What happens when you do your test pings from the web ui ping tool?


I get the same results.

Spent a good 3hrs on this today. Realy got me stumped.

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The issue happen intermittent or all the times B & C can’t access A ?


It all the time B & C can NOT access A however, A can access B & C

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Please open a support ticket for this. Mostly it’s related to routing issue that need to check from the devices.

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