SpeedFusion Contest 2021 March Winner!

This time, we have entries from sea, air, and land:

This month’s winning deployment shows how Peplink technology can save the day at critical moments. When a private aircraft company needed backup Internet in an emergency, West Networks, Peplink, and the SDX Pro came to the rescue. Here’s the story in their own words:

We deployed 5x HD1 Domes on the roof of the building providing hundreds of Mbps of backup bonded cellular SpeedFusion Cloud Internet.

11:00 I’m at the doctor getting my finger looked at and get a call that a private jet company has no Internet.
11:30 I’m in my car with tools, 2 SDX Pros and 5 HD1 Domes.
19:00 Cables run from roof to server room, mounting HD1 Domes, getting ready to light this company back up.

Here, West Networks used the two SDX (configured as a resilient HA pair) to combine the cellular bandwidth from the 5x HD1 Domes. Normally SpeedFusion technology requires two endpoints. By connecting to the SpeedFusion Cloud, they were able to combine the bandwidth of all connections using just a single endpoint.

Their setup also has space for two more Ethernet connections if needed. And of course, all this was set up in roughly an afternoon. Congratulations @WestNetworks, you win our new MAX Adapter!

Honorable Mentions:

CYN used MAX Transits to connect mining trucks back to an HD4 at HQ. SeaSatCom used a MAX HD2 Dome to enable streaming on a motor yacht.

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