SpeedFusion Contest 2021 February Winner!

Deployed by CYN, this is a streaming event where 40 tutors deliver online lessons to 600 students, helping them prepare for secondary school. With SpeedFusion technology, each tutor has a reliable, low-latency 200Mbps connection to do their Zoom streaming. This is accomplished using 5G connections and no landines. Here’s the setup:

The HD4 MBX uses its 4x 5G modems and an additional 3x 5G modems via Ethernet WAN ports, connecting 40x laptops. The HD4 uses its 4x LTE modems and an additional 5G modem to connect 17x workstations. Both devices connect to a FusionHub, which provides fast access to the public Internet.

Congratulations, you win our sleek new MAX Adapter! The MAX Adapter is a dual-SIM cellular modem that can connect to your laptop. Enjoy!

Check this out:

One of our customers has purchased a PDX; they’ll be using it to get unbreakable multi-cellular connectivity in remote outdoor locations. This thing can literally go anywhere!

Keep those deployments coming!