SpeedFusion Connect Setup

I’ve purchased a SpeedFusion Connect Plan for my MAX Transit Pro E.

I can see it available under my SFC Management page, and under my Feature Activation tab in InControl.

How do I go about getting them sims configured to use the connect plan?

I’ve looked for documentation. I couldn’t find any.

Doesnt Speedfusion connect use eSim?

I believe it does. I am not unsure how to actually get it connected on the hardware.

@Robert_Beeman, you may refer to the FAQ here. If you are not using 8.2.0s011, please upgrade it to the firmware below:


Then select the option below from cellular WAN to enjoy the SpeedFusion Connect!

Question: can the eSim only be used for SpeedFusion connect or can it be used with other carriers?

The esim can only be used for speedfusion connect.