SpeedFusion Connect Now in 13 More Locations!

#SpeedFusion Connect Now in 13 More Locations!

We are excited to announce that SpeedFusion Connect is now available in 13 more locations!

Put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Australia and a host of Asian countries to the SpeedFusion Connect family. We’re working hard to make sure that you can achieve unbreakable connectivity no matter where in the world you are.

See the full list of SpeedFusion Connect locations here.

###What is SpeedFusion Connect?
SpeedFusion is at its best when there are multiple WANs in your network. But if you don’t have access to secondary connections, SpeedFusion Connect is an on-demand service that can act as an interim connection for your network. Which means, you can fully utilize SpeedFusion’s features with a single subscription.

Learn more about SpeedFusion Connect here.

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