SpeedFusion Configuration behind NAT

Hi All,

I will deploy to my customer Peplink Balance with Speedfusion but in HO , Peplink doesnt handle Public IP Address
Can you suggest me the speedfusion configuration for this Scenario
Thanks a lot

Hi Rizal,

You can try using this option, WAN Requirements for SpeedFusion Configuration - #2 by Heriberto_Garcia


I mean if peplink in HO behind outbond NAT , so router/fireewal configuration is Outbond NAT not Indbound NAT Port Forwarding
Can Speedfusion create Tunnel without add peer Address in Branch Office

Hi Rizal,

Based on diagram your shared, I understand NAT done by your router.

To enable Speedfusion VPN you required at least 1 Public, but you can try using DDNS in this situation

You may use Peplink Dynamic DNS & refer link i shared before.


On the Inet Router do the following:
forward TCP 32015 and UDP4500
from to
from to

Then your B210 can use a profile that points to those public IPs.

Wait - I just read your response:

How can it be outbound NAT only? If NAT is in use its both ways isn’t it?

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