Speedfusion-Config - Mix Incontrol+Manual



Is there any possibility to mix Incontrol2 and manual Configs for Speedfusion?

I have to set up the whole infrastructure as StarTopology.
One special-client has to terminate on the same hub, BUT need sub-tunnels for speedfusion. Is there any possibility to do this without having to manage the whole VPN-infrastructure without speedfusion?

Thank you

Incontrol2 - Working with groups

Hello KPS,

At this time we do not support IC2 and manual configuration of SpeedFusion. I will check into if this is on the road map and if we have an ETA.



I actually have a build of IC2 on our development servers where we allow for a hybrid IC2/FW managed mode for PepVPN. We’re targeting for the 2.8.0 release, but as it’s a rather involved change and needs to be tested exhaustively to prevent breaking any existing configuration setups, I can’t promise a release date.

Basically, yes, it’s on our roadmap, and if there’s no potholes, it’ll be in your hands soon.



Are there any news? I cannot use IC2 for my Speedfusion deployments, because I need the possibility to setup “special-cases” manually.

Thank you!


Still targetted for the upcoming 2.8.0 release. Should be fine unless testing uncovers something unexpected.


Is there any schedule for the release?


Internally, yes. Externally… usually the answer would be “Q4, 2018”, otherwise we end up in a situation where it’s a choice between missing a public date and shipping a product we’re unhappy with.

And honestly, when I make any changes to the pepvpn generation code, it needs to be the next best thing to bombproof.

Unless someone else chimes in, best I can say is ‘soon’