Speedfusion Cloud WAN Smoothing Bonding Latency

I have an UBR LTE and setup Speedfusion Cloud. I’m new to Peplink and would love some insight. I have two SIM cards. My ping latency is around 200ms. Internet loads pretty slow. My speeds ramp up after a few seconds of speediest, but everything still feels slow to load.

  1. Is UBR LTE basically the same functionality as Transit Duo units?
  2. Is WAN Smoothing available for Speedfusion Cloud
  3. Are there bonding settings I need to setup or does Speedfusion Cloud have default bonding
  4. What should I look for to solve my latency issues? my cellulars are getting good reception.

Sorry for all the noob questions. I’m trying to wrap my head around Peplink products!

Hi! Welcome to the forum!
Speed and latency questions around Speedfusion are normal as no two connections are the same.

You are going to want to spend a moment looking at the Speedfusion WAN graphs available in Status > Speedfusion and then you click the graph button next to your Cloud connection:

Here is my graph:

It shows me total throughput and latency on the left then the next two columns are for my two connections here (a Virgin Media Business VMB link and a Point to point Wifi bridge).

Bring the graph up then go do some speedtests and screenshot the graphs after.

Also, post your cellular signal stats (RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ) for each cellular conneciton (or just screen grab them).

We’ll see what we can work out is going on.