SpeedFusion Cloud = VPN-lite ?

While experimenting with the SFC capabilities on my Surf SOHO using two WAN connections I found that it is possible to establish a SFC connection with just one of my WANs connected to the router. This appears to offer the privacy/security advantages of a VPN provider - my geolocation was now showing in Browserleaks.com as the location of the chosen SFC server, and presumably my traffic through the tunnel is protected from snooping by my ISP. So, could this single-WAN use of SFC be a way to get VPN privacy/security without signing up for a separate VPN service ? Does Peplink provide any information about the security/privacy of their SFC servers?


Not that I have seen - they present it as a public (insecure) WAN interface - security via SFC is not at advertised reason for use.

Does anyone know if the SFC connection uses PepVPN? I would guess it does…

Thanks Martin. For so many years Peplink routers could not function as VPN clients and now we have both OpenVPN (perhaps a bit much for the Surf SOHO) and single WAN SFC. Great.