SpeedFusion Cloud Usage

I know that has been asked before, and I’ve read through numerous post but still can’t figure this out.

How do I determine how much of my 1TB SpeedFusion Cloud allowance has been used?

I see this in IC2:

When I log on to the admin console directly, I see the allowance:

However, the 993GB does not seem to change even though I’ve been using SFC quite a bit.

I saw in one post that SFC can be monitored using the “monthly” report. I’m not seeing an option to see only SFC usage on either the local admin console or IC2.

Please send details on how to determine the amount of SFC I’ve used thus far.

Thank you so much,

I’ve culled through every dialog I can find on both the local console and IC2 with no luck. If anyone knows how to determine usage of SFC, please share.

Does anyone know where to find usage for speed fusion cloud? I’d like to be able to monitor my usage so that I know when to buy more bandwidth.

I found this, but I’m not seeing usage on the dashboard. What am I missing?

I went ahead and submitted a ticket asking this question. I’ll post the response here in case anyone else is trying to figure this out.

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That 993GB number on the main page of the dashboard should be dropping as you use SFC.

It would be a bug if it’s frozen in time.

Are you 100% certain the traffic is indeed going via SFC?

Yes. I’m sure. My son’s ipad was on it today. I saw it on the client list.

Now that you say this, I think the 993 number did decrease from 1TB as some point. But it has been stuck at 993 for about a month now.

I can see in the monthly report that the SFC usage is 43MB for the month which is just crazy. I know I’ve used it more than 43MB.

Hi Paul,

We just rolled out a new version of InControl this past Monday, and you should be able to see your SFC usage on the device level overview page now (it’ll be on the right-hand side of the page along with the status of your various connections).

Awesome! Thank you for letting me know. I’ll go check it out now.

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