Speedfusion Cloud Test

I have connected to 3 locations "SFC-FRA, SFC-AMS, SFC-JNB and am trying to test bonding. What is the best way to se what speeds I am getting as a Speedtest seems to give extremely slow results. 10mbps down and 1.37mbps up and we have 2X 50mbps lines.

In the Peplink GUI, go to Status > SpeedFusion. You can then click the “>” button on the SF profile and there is a built in bandwidth tester there that measures bandwidth between the Peplink and the hub, this test is within the PepVPN tunnel so representative of the capacity of the tunnel.

Keep this in mind: SD-WAN (Layer 3) bonding, or bonding after packets get HTTP headers, doesn’t make your speeds go faster, this is a misconception promoted by companies.

Your ceiling is always going to be the fastest WAN, on your network. Thats why you want to check your speeds on each individual WAN to make sure your not being handicap. If one connection is slower you can opt to remove from your scenario completely otherwise it will hobble your connection.

Thanks not sure how I missed that :slight_smile: