SpeedFusion Cloud routing not behaving as expected

Having an issue with how SpeedFusion is routing traffic , I don’t think its behaving as expected.
Setup is fairly straightforward.
Balance 20x
WAN: StarLink
CELL: None\off

Desired setup:
All clients use Starlink as Primary, DSL as hot failover.
Webex/Zoom traffic uses WAN smoothing.

See screenshots further down for settings.

I have 3 devices:
PC: has never done WebEx or zoom.
Laptop used for WebEx and zoom.
iPhone used for WebEx and Zoom

Problem/Unexpected behavior:
Go to speedtest.net on PC - client source shows as StarLink(good!) , speeds test at 100mbps and confirm its going over StarLink.
Go to speedtest.net on either the Laptop or iPhone - client source shows as local DSL provider(not expected), speeds tests show 20mbps

I do not have any clients specifically assigned to tunnels.

Should the WAN smoothing only apply to traffic from the specified applications? Or does running those applications force all traffic from that device over the WAN smoothing tunnel?



What do you have on the Outbound Policy section of the Network tab?