Speedfusion Cloud Problem in South Africa

Anyone else having this problem with the speedfusion cloud server in Johannesburg, South Africa?

We have recently started using PEPLINK Speedfusion Cloud and a few days back we have seen very bad latency and packet loss when bonded via the South African speedfusion cloud server.

We see all our peplinks bonded to the South African Speedfusion Cloud bonding server having extremely high latency and very low throughput.

Latency from any one of the bonded WAN’s directly is low and speed is good however when bonding through the cloud this is very bad. Furthermore when switching to a European cloud server (such as London) then link becomes stable (but with high latency of 400ms which we cannot have).

I would have thought Peplink would monitor for these kind of issues, or at least let us fail over to our own Fusionhub for free if their server has problems like this, as their other servers are just to far (high latency) to use.

This issue started on 16th September and we have opened a ticket, waiting for reply.

Quick update, still waiting for this to be resolved now 24 hours later without any proposed solution or ETA.

Bit of a problem when you are servicing clients with this “REALLY AWESOME & REDUNDANT SERVICE”. Not impressed with the level of service. I think I should approach peplink to provide them with the Johannesburg server support (and maybe even a second server in Cape Town).

Anyone have a good contact at Peplink?

What are the WAN types you are using? Have you tried to a traceroute to see where the traffic goes?

Hi @Zenon_VanDeventer this issue was resolved. You should not see any issues with Johannesburg server.

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Hi Rokus,

Yes, thanks, I have also replied to the ticket.

We appreciate your help in resolving this.

Would it be possible to fire up a second server for South Africa in Cape Town as AWS has just landed there recently so it would be very easy? This way if one has such issues again the bottom half of Africa has an alternative low latency backup cloud speedfusion server.

Alternatively if this is not possible due to the high cost if you could allow us to keep our own Speedfusion hub as a backup so that if the cloud instance drops we have something as backup this would be great. Then the minute the cloud instance is back and fine again, and we don’t have the primecare option but just the cloud option then it begins using the cloud again…