SpeedFusion Cloud - Not showing after activiation

Max Transit Duo, 8.1.1 Build 5025

I want to activate SFC, but it’s not showing up under “Advanced”. I can only create a PepVPN profile.

In InControl, I can see the license is activated, but compared to the description (SpeedFusion Cloud Instructions - Safeguarding Your Connectivity) or the various videos, the section “SpeedFusion Cloud” does not appear in the Advanced>SpeedFusion section…

Any ideas?

You should able to activate here.

As I mentioned, the license itself is activated, but it doesn’t show the SFC configuration option under Advanced > SpeedFusion

It is the second tab next to “Dashboard”, with the name “SpeedFusion Cloud”. I have that on our MAX Transit with firmware 8.1.0.

If it doesn’t show up, please submit a ticket (Peplink Ticketing System) for the team to take a closer look.

Hello Wei Ming

That tab is available, but there’s no option there to configure how to use SFC, especially Bonding.
According to the write-up and various videos, the relevant option to set this up is under Advanced > SpeedFusion.

Ticket created, thanks.

Speedfusion Cloud doesn’t configure the same way that a Fusionhub instance does. If you select “Choose Cloud Location” then select the link for the Speedfusion Cloud that you’ve established, you’ll get the configuration screen. There is NO configuration except for this and it does not show up anywhere else in the Peplink interface. If you want to specify the Traffic Distribution Mode for the Speedfusion Cloud tunnel, you have to go into the support page and enable it (you’ll see it there if you’ve established a tunnel). Then it will show up as an option in the Speedfusion Cloud configuration page mentioned above. You can now specify a bonding method.

To get to the support page, change the bit in the URL that starts with “index.cgi…” with “support.cgi” and hit return.

You will see the Speedfusion Cloud on your Dashboard but there’s no links or anything here. You’ll also have all of the same Status capability on the Status page if you want to diagnose anything.


I found it in the end. The documentation and videos from a month or 2 ago are outdated.
Now, once you’ve selected your SFC location, to define bonding, you should go into the chosen SFC (in the SFC tab, then “Choose Location”, then click on the link (e.g. SFC-DFW) to bring up the configuration. That’s where you can select which connections to use for bonding to the cloud.

Don’t even need the support page for that, I think?