SpeedFusion Cloud: More Speed, More Nodes

SpeedFusion Cloud has been a game-changer, it took the world by surprise and did the impossible; providing you with Unbreakable Connectivity, Anytime, Anywhere. Building on this, our passionate team at Peplink is bringing you an even better SpeedFusion Cloud experience.

From 4th March 2021 onwards, all valid care plans and applicable license top-up plans will come with up to 200Mbps speeds. Alongside this, we are adding 6 more SpeedFusion Cloud nodes , so even more users can experience SpeedFusion™ technology, from even more locations across the globe.

Note: Devices will automatically obtain the server list every 24 hours so your devices should already have the updated server list.


I have already bought the license, can I enjoy the faster speed?

Yes, you can. For online InControl devices, a new license with the updated speed will be pushed to your device via InControl. You will also receive an email with an updated license key to perform manual updates.

What will happen to my device if I update the license?

The new license will cause your connection to reconnect in order to implement the speed change.

If I update, will my data usage and validity period change?

No, your data usage and validity period will remain unchanged.


Link to Peplink store for Top Up Plans:



Always great to see new servers but would love to see another server in western Canada if possible. Adding 50-60ms or more of latency for me to send all of my traffic from Vancouver to Toronto :frowning:
Even AWS doesn’t have a better option here (for pepvpn) as they only have ca-central-1 right now which is also in Ontario.

If you are in Vancouver, why not use the Seattle node?

Exciting news! Thanks for your relentless innovation. Please pardon my forgetfulness, where in the Web Admin or InControl can we verify these new License Keys are in place? Thank you.

I’d been avoiding crossing the border geologically because it can create annoyances with sites like Amazon asking if I meant amazon.com instead of amazon.ca
That said this might work for just the calls. Will see how much better the latency is!

I am very new (one week) and have the same question. My unit may have already updated, but I don’t know how to check or update. Thanks

Hi @wilrevehl @jeffreyrdavis

I would suggest to perform speed test practically. If you want to find a confirmation in logs, you should see a system message in device/IC2 event logs (used the existing template, therefore no indication about speed).

Mar 04 05:03:27 System: SpeedFusion Cloud License (0GB) is now activated!



Using InControl, this value is now shown on the device page, eg:

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