SpeedFusion Cloud - latency diff cutoff

Model: Max Transit Duo LTE-A = MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-W-T-PRM
Firmware 8.1.0 (build 4943) PepVPN Ver: 8.0.0

I am using one of the SFC pre configured profiles (SFC-CHI). Is it possible to adjust the latency difference cutoff? (I can see it under Advanced->SpeedFusion->New_Profile (?) … but I can’t find anywhere to adjust it in SpeedFusion_Cloud->Locations->SFC-CHI)

I’d like to reduce it below say 100ms, to restrict use of a cellular link when the latency is poor.


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Hello @WeiMing

Our client was using this feature in FusionHub to stop the bonded tunnel using 4G connections when the latency spiked – the use case was for SRT video transmission where low latency on the connections is critical.

Being able to tune this cut off worked really well and helped keep the SRT transmission latency low.

Currently when he needs SRT video he fires up their FusionHub. It would be of great help if this was available on SFC as well.

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Is there a list of features that are available in FusionHub that are not available in SpeedFusion Cloud? Why aren’t features matched 1:1?