SpeedFusion Cloud Instructions - Safeguarding Your Connectivity

There is currently no option to purchase a static IP but we will look into this. Normal pricing is still being worked out but we wanted to release this now so everyone in the community could take advantage of SpeedFusion right away in these challenging times.



@nuno1, do you mean out of warranty devices? Thanks


@Lee_Moreau, SpeedFusion Cloud servers are geographically dispersed across the globe but at launch we don’t have any in Canada yet.

As the SpeedFusion Cloud evolves we will keep adding more and more endpoints, stay tuned!



Yes, thats it

@nuno1, as mentioned in the original post, this offering is for both in and out of warranty devices. Thanks


Hi - I wanted to send a short note to thank the Peplink team for doing this.

We live in an Airstream full-time and had to park far outside of the city during this crazy time. By bonding a poor satellite connection and a poor cellular connection, we now have a workable solution for staying online for remotely working – primarily Zoom conferences.

Great move - it is much appreciated right now. You’ve earned our loyalty!


@JeremyAirstream, we are glad to know.

By the way, you may also take some pictures of your home office and submit to our Peplink Photo Contest 2020. You will have a chance to win some awesome prizes.


2020-04 Webinar Invitation-10

Working from home? Head over to our webinar to see how the SpeedFusion Cloud can keep everyone connected in these trying times.
[Webinar Apr-8, 2020] What is the SpeedFusion Cloud and Why It Matters


2020-04 Webinar Invitation-10
[Webinar Apr-8, 2020] SpeedFusion Cloud - What is the SpeedFusion Cloud and Why It Matters

  • Wednesday, April 8, 2020
  • 12-1 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Here are the resources:


Is there a plan to allow for notifications based on Speedfusion Cloud usage to notify network managers prior to reaching their usage limits in order for them to avoid VPN downtime due to reaching their limits prior to expectation.


Need More SpeedFusion Cloud? Additional Usage Plans

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Would you guys be so kind as to tell us the locations of the SF servers? Is there a way to choose the closest one to us?

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Clearly, top up plans need to be purchased after the free trial data. But will a full SpeedFusion license be required for SpeedFusion Cloud after the trial? The license is rather expensive for a home user.

I’ve looked and can’t find any information on whether a separate SpeedFusion license will be required to use SpeedFusion Cloud. When starting up SpeedFusion Cloud, I mistakenly also activated the SpeedFusion Trial on my Balance One, reading later that it wasn’t necessary. Also discovered that SpeedFusion Cloud runs on devices that aren’t supported for SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding (e.g., MOTG).

After the trials expire, will a separate full SpeedFusion license (e.g., BPL-ONE-LC-SF) be required for devices to use SpeedFusion Cloud, or is SpeedFusion Cloud a distinct service that is licensed solely via the data top ups?

In answer to your questions we are told “no” to your first question and “yes” to the second.
What a way to eliminate the competition, huh? :grinning:


Thanks very much, @Rick-DC. That’s perfect, especially for us small users who don’t get this stuff reimbursed. :slight_smile:


This is absolutely lovely.

One question (with an implied feature request):
The SF Cloud server seems to be outbound-oriented, in that all connections with the outside internet have to be initiated from the Peplink device connected to it.

In other words - though the originating IP address of traffic routed through the SF Cloud server is perceived as public and routable (though not necessarily static), connections from the outside to that address cannot be routed to the internally connected Peplink device and the client device manager cannot configure “her” part of the SF Cloud server to create port-forwarding rules or the like (i.e., the SF Cloud server provides NAT without port forwarding options).




@zegor_mjol, SpeedFusion Cloud supports outbound connection only at the moment.

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