Speedfusion Cloud/Fusion Hub Throughput

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New to Peplinks, loving it so far. I have a Max Transit Duo which has listed in the spec’s as 100mpbs of Speed Fusion Throughput with no Encryption - the unit has a SFC subscription and it lists max as 200mbps. Is the unit still limited to 100mbps? Guessing thats a hardware limitation?

I’m assuming also if I had say 5 SFC profiles running it would be a combined limit of 100 between all of them not 100 each?

And finally is the throughput 100mbps up and 100mbps down? or 100mbps shared?

Thank you!

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Yes it is you’re right.

Right again

It is shared.

Shared is my guess as it’s a hardware decrypt / encrypt limitation. Or in the case of unencrypted an encapsulation limitation. I’ve only ever been able to test mine in 1 direction at a time and it’s kind of like reaching 100% on a CPU…. Easy to hit 90%, difficult to get to 100% :slight_smile: hope that helps.

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