SpeedFusion Cloud erroneusly sending Youtube TV traffic through tunnel

Hi, I have enabled the new “Optimize Cloud Application” feature for SpeedFusion Cloud on the latest firmware 8.1.1. When I select to use it for “Google Workspace” to optimize connections to Google Meet, etc. it appears that some of the traffic to the YouTube TV service is detecting this as being a VPN for that service as well.

I understand that many of the URI requests for the YouTube TV service use the google.com domains so maybe this is the reason why.

The questions then are. How exactly are the Cloud Applications defined, is it just the service domains or is it more intelligent than this? And, is there another way to be more granular about this?

Curious if others have experienced this as well.

Please help to open a ticket for me to take a look. Please attention the ticket to me.


Was there a solution found when Google Workspace setting is causing YouTube TV to be routed over VPN?