Speedfusion Cloud - Correct profile settings?

Hello -

Relatively new user, so appreciate the help. Router is MAX BR1 MK2. Setting up SpeedFusion Cloud for the first time. I’ve watched the videos, attended the webinars and reviewed the documentation I could find, but have missed really clear direction on a couple settings in setting up different profiles. My goal is to have 1 profile for “basic” bonding, 1 profile for WAN smoothing and 1 profile for FEC. For both the basic bonding and FEC profiles, I believe I need to set two WANs to the same priority…and then for FEC, click that option. However, when I do this, and don’t select WAN smoothing, I see the attached error. Is this OK to ignore? Or do I have to have WAN smoothing on for any bonded connections?

For the WAN smoothing option, what is the “Maximum Level on Same Link” setting? The Redundancy Level setting makes sense to me, but not sure what to set that other one too. Really appreciate the help.

You may ignore the warning message since this is SpeedFusion Cloud.

Please refer to the help text. So, you may send a redundant packet into the same WAN-to-WAN link with this setting.

Thanks a TON for the help! Good to go here.