Speedfusion Cloud Bonding Failover

Please can we add a feature to the failover for bonded connections so that when one of the bonded connections goes down it pulls in the next priority connection(s) to maintain multiple connections in the bonded session.

As an example below, if one of the priority 1 connections fails then pull in the priority 2 connection(s) rather than wait for both priority 1 connections to fail.


Like it.

The setting could be called ‘Minimum number of active WANs’ if it was set to 2 and you had 2 wans in highest priority and one fails it would start using the first wan from the next priority group.


Spot on @MartinLangmaid .

I recognize that I’m considering multiple failure conditions but we are talking about Peplink’s “Unbreakable Connectivity”.

This is a great idea, but the other thing to be addressed is putting things back the way they started, when the priority 1 WAN connection was reestablished. I would not want the priority 2 connection to continue for more than a minute or two once the priority 1 connections were all back online, as that could get expensive and/or use up capped data.

I think that the current protocols do that, but lets make sure it doesn’t get messed up. FYI, when I force failures (e.g. pull the fiber from the ONT) the current WAN Smoothing recognizes and recovers in <15 seconds when I plug it back in.

A massive +1 for this as a feature request.

I bond 2 ADSL lines for increased bandwidth but when introducing extra 4G connections into SFC with the same priority it decreases speed overall. Being able to bring in lower priority connections when only 1 of the higher priority connections fails could potentially be a life saver, and as dnavany points out, move a little closer to Peplinks ‘unbreakable connectivity’

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I would see a use for this too, another packet bonding product that we used to make use of had a similar feature where you could effectively specify the minimum number of active connections and then assign a priority to the pool of connections available that would be used in order to bring the number of active links to the desired level.

Worked very well for us when you had a number of disparate quality connections but could often group them up to get the desired result / bandwidth.


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