SpeedFusion Bonding is Very Slow

Hi all I just bought this Max Transit Duo. I’m using T-Mobile sim and Verizon. The company that sold it to me has walked me through as many steps as they can but the upload speeds are unusable - i.e. way too slow. My dashboard shows I am connected to Speedfusion VPN but I can’t help but think something’s missing. I am fairly new at setting these things up and quite a lot of the jargon is like Greek to me. I use this for video streaming at work and the last job I was on I had to grab my MOFI (Cat 6 - single sim) to get the job done.

There are others on the forum here who know much more than me, but here’s what I’d try:
1.) check the speeds of the t-mobile connection and the verizon connection individually in your max transit duo and check the upload and download speeds a few times of the individual connection. Is one performing very slow?
2.) If one is performing very slow, see what band it’s using and try disabling that band under custom band selection.
3.) Once you do the first two steps, then start adjusting the speed fusion tunnel parameters, e.g. see if FEC improves upload speed, decide how you want to make the best of the two available cell connections, etc.

Might also be worth checking everything is ok with the whatever is hosting the other end of the SpeedFusion tunnel and that it has sufficient bandwidth available.

Thanks for your replies but I think I fixed it! I had to create an Outbound Policy:
Advanced tab > Outbound Policy > Add Rule (I named it “Bonding”) > Source “IP Adress” (enter the IP of the device connected to Pepwave in System Prefs/Network. Change Algorithm to “Priority” and drag Cloud: SFC from the right column to the left and at the top of the list. Enable “Terminate Sessions on Connection Recovery.” Hit SAVE then APPLY CHANGES.

So what speeds are you getting on your individual WANs and what speed are you getting Bonded?

I setup a fusion hub in aws yesterday, bonding two lte links, my latency was double and the output was halved. I’m just using weighted balance from now on

T-mobile sim was giving me Download @ 2.7Mbps - Upload @ 4Mbps.
Verizon sim = Download @ 39.3Mbps and Upload @ 3Mbps. To be honest I’m not much concerned with download speeds as my job requires upload above anything else. Now the Transit Duo is showing me Upload speeds at around 21Mbps! Before I couldn’t get near 5Mbps UP and was unusable for me.