SpeedFusion Bandwidth WAN Preference

I’ve tried playing with the SpeedFusion / Outbound policy settings and searching the forums but I haven’t been able to find quite the solution I’m looking for.

Is it possible to tell the SpeedFusion tunnel to saturate one or more WAN connections before moving on to others? The reason for this is we’d like to have multiple cellular connections active at all times for maximum bandwidth, but we’d also like the router to use the wire-based connections before moving on to the LTE links so as to use as little data as possible on the cellular plans.

The customer has multiple end users running all types of traffic across this tunnel, everything from streaming video to email, so trying to segregate out certain types of traffic to go out only one WAN link isn’t really feasible here.

I think the “Overflow” algorithm is possibly what I’m looking for, but within SpeedFusion.

I think Outboud Policy or SpeedFusion can meet your requirement. Please find the link below.

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