Speedfusion Bandwidth Limitations Bi-Directional

Is there a way to limit exact bandwidth download and upload in the Speedfusion Peers?


HQ Balance 380 (20 Peers) - 20 different customers with remote Balance 210’s. I am only sending my VoIP Subnets through the tunnel to my small data center. Can I limit the amount of bandwidth my customers can access to my data center?

Balance 380 has 150 Mbps Speedfusion Throughput and 210 at 80 Mbps but I have 20 phones that use the G.7.11 Codec. So say I want to only let this specific remote 210 with 20 phones have access to 3.2 Mbps from my end of the Speedfusion tunnel. Does this make sense? Essentially its like restricting bandwidth via a specific interface but I want to do it via Speedfusion peer. I only run UDP SIP and RTP traffic through it.

I am pricing my Speedfusion peers based on amount of bandwidth required based on number of phones and what codec they use, so I want to be able to restrict bandwidth to customer site if I can.



You can enable SpeedFusion Bandwidth limit setting to define the maximum download and upload speed for each individual peer.

For more information, please refer to the screenshot below:

Thank You


Thanks Sitloongs. I don’t know how I didn’t see this.

One last question. I see that I can limit the download and upload from the 380 side and 210 side. Would I need to define the same speeds on both ends or just the 380 side. In my mind now I am thinking that I only need to define the bandwidth limit from the 380 end only allowing say 2 Mbps down and up to the 210 and leave the 210 end at the default 0: unlimited. Correct me if I am wrong. I just want to subscribe 2 Mbps up and down to my remote 210.


Hi tjvoip45,

Just limit the bandwidth on Balance 380 SpeedFusion profiles will do.

Thanks TK, working great now.

Is this an option if the tunnel is managed in InControl? I don’t see a bandwidth control option in either InControl or the web portal on either Peplink.

Bandwidth Limit is available on local device only. Please find the screenshot below.

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