SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding (ADSL + LTE) in the logistics industry


  • A company in the Middle East.
  • One of the core players in the shipping and logistics industry serving customers in their local geographic location as well as partnerships to serve many regions of the world.
  • The company consists of ~800 branches, with 25 being transfer centres.


  • A central network management system to configure and manage all branches.
  • Bandwidth bonding for combining ADSL + LTE connectivity for an undisrupted configuration.
  • Reliable Cloud backup for sensitive and confidential data.
  • Work with existing firewall setup.

Recommended Solution

  • We would suggest Implementing Balance 20X with 2 year PrimeCare for each transfer centre. The Balance 20X is an excellent wireless SD-WAN router with built in FlexModule Mini, allowing for upgrades should the company need to expand into a second LTE connection.
  • Add PrimeCare to include SpeedFusion, InControl 2 and Warranty for the ultimate configuration.
  • Each Balance 20X will link to the FusionHub 1000 with 1 year Primecare extended warranty. This creates a virtual end point for combining all available bandwidths whilst maintaining a secure and unbreakable VPN.
  • With InControl 2, everything can be centrally managed meaning less time spent on configuring router setups for every branch. Overall a much more efficient process, increasing productivity.
  • The setup above works perfectly with existing firewall and switch infrastructures, just enhancing the overall effectiveness whilst staying securely connected.

Devices Deployed

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