Speedfusion balance one core to fusionhub

I tested my balance one core with one wan connection It is fiber (200 down, 80 up) just to check speed fusion is working.

i update both balance one core (8.1.0 build 4943) and fusion hub (8.1.0 build 4940) to latest firmware.

I configured speed fusion between my balance one with AWS fusion hub (ec2 large) with static IP. the server is placed (Bahrain) with solo license. And it is established.

I added outbound rule enforced for all my LAN
(Source, destination, protocol)all are to : Any.
Algorithm is enforced to my vpn speed fusion.

I checked what is my IP it and it is my aws fusionhub ip in Bahrain, when i run speedtest my speed is cut in half and my ping is large number.

Then i changed my outbound rule protocol to UDP.
My IP number is changed to my orginal ip before. Which is in saudi arabia riyadh. And my speedtest also to the orginal before (200 down, 80 up).

is there any thing i can do.

Open the speedfusion status graphs and do a speedtest again. Then screen grab the graphs and post here for review. Sounds like packetloss to me.

When you changed the outbound rule to UDP your subsequent TCP traffic used the local connectivity and not the VPN.

There must be packetloss or traffic shaping between you and the fusionhub.

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@james.webster1 just politely pointed out that I didn’t think about your model limitations.

The Balance One core is limited to 60Mbps of VPN throughput (with no encryption enabled).
That is likely your limitation here.

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so i will not benefit from balance one for wan bonding, i thought i will because " the router throughput 600".

what router will should i use to bond two wan ( first 200 down, 80 up) (second 100 down, 80 up)

Do you need to bond all the bandwidth? 300Mbps down and 160MBps up bonded is a lot of bandwidth. Most of the time you will have key applications you want to use bonding for (to improve reliability / quality), and then the rest is just normal less important internet traffic.

If you do want to bond all of it then I would suggest the B310x

There is a handy comparison table here Peplink.com - Model Comparison


I have question why is my latency high.

My ping is between 35 to 50. Without speedfusion was 3.

What is the point to point latency between you and the fusionhub public IP? Run a continuous ping on yur PC to monitor it.
It’s likely either that or the CPU on the balance was at 100% as you saturated its VPN capacity.

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Hi Bandar,

Kindly connect with our NOC team in the UAE. Email: [email protected]
they can have a look what the issue is …