Speedfusion + Balance 210 - use wan3 when wan1 & wan2 upload saturated?


WAN1: 7,500 kbps download, 850 kbps upload, 30 ms latency
WAN2: 7,500 kbps download, 800 kbps upload, 30 ms latency
WAN3: 1,000-15,000 kbps download, 1,000-15,000 kbps upload depending on the day, 100 ms latency
(With the extra WAN license option to enable WAN3)

Is it possible to set SpeedFusion to primarily use the WAN1 and WAN2 which are more consistent and quick (and not metered), but when the upload speed is saturated on WAN 1 and WAN 2, utilize WAN 3 which is an often much faster, but less consistent and higher latency connection?


Hi aquablue,

This is not currently possible to set up a SpeedFusion tunnel to behaving in this way.

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Thanks - figured that was asking a lot :slight_smile:

Do the load balancing algorithms such as Overflow come into play at all with a SpeedFusion tunnel running?


Not when sending traffic through SpeedFusion.

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