Speedfusion and FusionHub do not retry downed links

Max Transit MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM running 8.2.0

My Speedfusion and FusionHub profiles do not automatically retry downed links to their endpoints, rather, they just say “Link failure, no connection received”. This seems like a dumb way to handle things, because they are leaving a downed link “down” for all eternity until I change a setting and force the tunnels to regenerate entirely.

Am I missing a secret setting somewhere regarding connection retries for Speedfusion tunnel links?

That does not sound like expected behaviour to me.

If I have a device with multiple WANs all in the active / healthy state and a PepVPN profile with all of those WAN links included in it under Priority 1 they will all come up. If I pull a WAN or simulate failure it will go down, but then gets returned into use pretty quickly once the WAN is back into a healthy state.

Either way unless the WANs are in a cold-standby state they should generally be kept in a stadby sate on the PepVPN assuming the config allows for that.

Maybe share some of your configuration (WANs, PepVPN profile on both the TST and hub end) or consider opening a support ticket.