SpeedFusion Alliance Licensing - Adding New Peers & Instances

This guide will address a change that has been made to the SpeedFusion Alliance order process and will cover adding the license to a new instance and to an existing FusionHub Instance in this post.

After placing the SpeedFusion Alliance order, you’ll receive a new license key for both new and existing customers. Log into the customer’s IC2 Organization to add the new license. You’ll need to navigate to Organization Settings > Warranty & License.

Find the Import FusionHub License and enter the new key that you’ve received. You will be brought back to the top of the screen and a green bar should show across the top of the screen with a message letting you know the FusionHub License.

Once the license has been imported the next steps will depend on if this is for a new Serial Number/Customer or for an Existing Serial Number/Customer

New FusionHub Instances

After you add the serial number you’ll see the new Peers in Unused. Click on the Create FusionHub Serial Number to generate the first SpeedFusion Alliance Serial Number.

When generating the new Serial Number you will be required to list at least one peer.
The No. of FusionHub Serial Numbers will be the number of serial numbers that you are creating at that time.

The Max Peers for Each FusionHub can be adjusted at a later date, this is the max user count at that time.

You will also be able to add the Serial Number directly to one of the Groups on the IC2 Organization. If you do not yet have the group listed that you would like the Serial Number added to, you can leave the drop down on Skip. A Serial Number will still be given on the Warranty & License page.

Now that a Serial Number has been generated the Unused count has decremented by the number of peers that have been added to the new serial number.

Existing FusionHub Instance

Now we will add 4 peers to the Serial Number ending in B6DA. Click on the blue 1 under the Max Peers. Click on Save after you’ve incremented the Max Peers.

The Unused peers have dropped from 9 to 5 and the Max Peers now shows as 5.

If the customer no longer requires those peers on that particular FusionHub instance, you can remove them the same way as adding them but by decreasing the Max. Peers.