SpeedFusion Advice Needed

Dear Guys ,

Consider the following scenario :

Site A ( with 1x5Mbps WAN Link ) <==SpeedFusion==> Site B ( with 5x1Mbps WAN Links )

now the question is :

Do we need to have SpeedFusion support devices at both ends so that we could get 5Mbps connection throughput between sites ? or placing a balance 20 with PepVPN at site A
and a balance 580 at site B could achieve the goal ?

Thanks - Hootan

Hi Hootan, in your example a Balance 20 with PepVPN at site A would work. This is because that site has a connection that supports the whole 5Mbps, while site B has multiple smaller connections and would need a Balance 580.

I understand , Thank you.
so any device with PepVPN could be placed on the site A ( Pepwave AP One , Max router , etc. ). Is that correct ?

Hi Hootan,
Yes, you are right, any PepVPN/SpeedFusion capable device will do.